Thursday, October 6, 2016

Power CrossFit – CrossFit

Make up a strength you missed.

Make up day is here! Ya’ll know it’s an anything goes kinda Thursday! Make up a WOD or strength that you may have missed or do today’s awesomeness!

Warm up (No Measure)

Row 1,000 meters

50 Double unders

Mobility/warm up (No Measure)

Quad smash

Roller calf smash

Calf stretch

Banded hamstring stretch

Banded wall squat

Couch stretch



Back extensions x 20


Metcon (Time)


-Back Squats (from the rack) (65/35#)

-Abmat Sit-Ups

-200 meter Run btw sets (6 runs)


Your GOAT in CrossFit is a movement that you are not so good at, and that is putting it politely. It could be anything; barbell movement, gymnastics movement, body weight movement, kettlebell movement, or simply flexibility and/or mobility. The only way to attack your goat is to work on it!

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