Thursday, February 1, 2018

Power CrossFit – CrossFit

Warm up (No Measure)

-Row 500 meters

-Crossover Activation

-50 Double unders or 2 minutes of regular jump ropes


-10 Push Press with a light barbell, plate or broomstick

-10 Air Squats

-5 Parallette pass throughs

*Warm up as long as you need to! If you are having any physical concerns or mobility issues then talk to your Coach about pre WOD warming up and post WOD mobility.


Open 18.0 (Time)

The 18.0 CrossFit Open WOD


-Dumbbell snatch(50/35#)


*Movement standards:

All athletes will only be allowed to switch hands on the way down, once the dumbbell has passed beneath eye level.

Feet must be kept together on the burpees, any stepping will render the workout scaled.



1.) From the floor

2.) Hang- just above the knee

3.) Hi hang or Power position- shoulders even with or slightly behind the bar, bar in contact w/ pelvis
If performed bottom to top, the 3-position snatch helps primarily with rate of force development, more aggressive and complete extension at the top of the pull, and more aggressive pull under the bar. If performed from the top down, it can serve as more of a technique exercise that reinforces proper position in the pull at the hang position chosen.

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