Wendsday 4/18/18

Power CrossFit – CrossFit


WARM UP (No Measure)

Samson stretch





Leg swings forward and back

Leg swings side to side

Lateral lunges

Lunge and twist right then left 20 meters

Calf stretches

Butt kicks


Back Squat (take 10-15 minutes to work up to a heavy set of 5)


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

“Elbow Grease”

Alternating On the Minute x 14 (7 Rounds):

Odd – 14/10 Calorie Row

Even – :30 Seconds Max Medicine Ball Squat Cleans (20/14)

RX+ Assault Bike instead of Row

Score is total number of medicine ball squat cleans across all rounds
The harder you go on the row/bike, the fitter you get and the more time you have to rest before beginning the cleans. So don’t sandbag!!!

The medicine ball squat cleans should be performed at a weight that will not be dropped within the :30 second window. These will take place in the first 30 seconds of each even minute. The :30 seconds of rest to follow gives athletes the incentive to push the row/bike just as hard in the next round.

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