Friday’s Final Comp WOD

Power CrossFit – CrossFit


You need to practice transitions between movement before the WOD. Do at least 2 sets of 5 quick reps before you try the Marguerita as you need to practice your movement pattern.

For most of you, Marguerita should be easy on your heart rate, and you should try to be as quick as possible without missing reps.

There are no other tips & tricks that should help you, go and don’t stop. All movements are easy. The only challenge is to keep the correct order of movements.


Metcon (Time)


50 Rounds of

1 Burpee

1 Push Ups

1 Jumping Jack

1 Sit Up

1 Handstand (wall will be allowed)

1.) Start in the standing position (start of a burpee)

2.) Lay on the ground (bottom position of a burpee)

3.) Jump up, clap your hands over head (end position of a burpee)

4.) Get back to the ground to the plank position (start of a push-up)

5.) Do a push-up

6.) Get to the standing position (start of a jumping jack)

7.) Do a jumping jack

8.) Lay on the ground and do a sit-up

9.)Touch in front of feet (end of a sit-up)

10.) Get to the standing position (start of a handstand)

11.)Kick to a handstand

12.) Return to the standing position (end of a handstand)

13.) Repeat

Scaled-Handstand on 24″ box


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