Monday, October 5, 2020

Power CrossFit – CrossFit

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1,000 meter Row


-air squats x 15

-push press w/ empty bar x15

-Caterpillar x 10 meters

-Samson stretch x 10 meters

-calf stretches on both sides


Metcon (Time)


-20 Thrusters(95/65#)

-15 GHD Sit-ups

-400 m Run

-15 Thrusters(105/75#)

-15 GHD Sit-ups

-400 m Run

-10 Thrusters(115/85#)

-15 GHD Sit-ups

-400 m Run

-5 Thrusters (125/95#)

-15 GHD Sit-ups

-400 m Run


Bench Press ((3 x 12) (Use same weight as last week.)

Bent Over Row (4 x 8)

Rows may be slightly heavier than last week but don’t cheat with your lower back. *Pull the bar to you, not you to the bar.

Accessory Work

Dips (3 x 12)

Do weighted dips if possible otherwise do strict dips. Aim for the same weight as last week.

Dumbbell Row (3 x 12 )

Same weight as last week.

Bicep Curls (3 x 12 (Use DBs))

DB Bicep Curls
Use last weeks weight but maintain strict form.

Triceps Extension (3 x 12)

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