Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Power CrossFit – CrossFit

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Warm up (No Measure)

-1000m ROW, 800m Jog, or 4 minute slow Bike.

-Do 5 reps of each movement from today’s Metcon with no weight, an empty bar, or just the movement.


Metcon (Time)


15 push press(95/65#)

20 DU or 60 single jump rope

40 meter KB farmer carry (35/20#)


Bench Press

• 10 reps at 45% of 1RM Bench

• 8 reps at 55% of 1RM Bench

• 5 reps at 65% of 1RM Bench

• 3 reps at 75% of 1RM Bench

• ME reps at 60% of 1RM Bench

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